Our Mission & Vision


WIDCO’s (Women Initiative Development Cooperative Organization) primary mission is to build and support grassroots organizations in Cameroon that Empower Women through Micro-Finance Schemes, Education & Training, Addressing Cultural practices & Women’s Rights, Leadership & Management Development, Community Development, and Politics & Human Rights.

The WIDCO Concept The working concept on which WIDCO is based is unique. It is based on empowering women by offering opportunities for leadership positions to women. WIDCO operates on the micro and macro levels of social awareness and activity and is geared towards creating women’s equality through empowerment. WIDCO seeks to develop women’s potentials through education, participation in family/community decisions and every-day activities, and through building upon, and expanding on, existing economic resources: The keys are education and capacity-building. WIDCO also seeks to educate and communicate to others about women’s importance in economic development in establishing long-term, constructive, economic infrastructure. WIDCO believes that intellectual and economic empowerment is the key for betterment for any culture. WIDCO is a model for women’s empowerment the world over, wherever women’s participation in economic and social life has been inhibited.

Besides elevating the living standards of the rural women, WIDCO is principally aimed at empowering women with a new orientation by developing their potentials to enable them to become more participative in activities of family life, the immediate neighbourhood, national interests and in everyday life of the civil society.


The vision of WIDCO spans through a short and long term period. Ultimately, WIDCO wishes to become a model in Cameroon on issues of women empowerment and NGO management.

WIDCO wishes to see: all traditional rulers of the grassfield region of Cameroon embrace women as inseparable partners in both cultural and socio-economic development of their tribes and villages. The population of Cameroon awakened to become conscious and concern about the happenings around them which affect or influence their lives and welfare such as the management of public funs and resources and actions of administrators and public figures and to be able to question these actions for accountability and necessary corrections as the needs arises. WIDCO believes that a dull and or docile society breeds dull leaders and that dull leaders rule by detection. The African community suffers from the effect of bad governance more because most Africans are not concerned or are ignorance of how they could be concern with the issues that affect their lives and welfare.

Rather than indulging in public manifestations that are characterized by drinking and drunkenness at times the entire Cameroon nation both men and women should be involved in discussions on how to better empower women in a united society Arrive a point in 2020 where the entire Cameroon nation should be involved in discussing women empowerment in the new rather than in the old concept of organizing women groups. Have a society in which womanhood should be regarded simply as a biological state of existence relative to man’s rather than an identification for weakness and the platform from which support and protection should be expected.

Long Term:

WIDCO wishes to let the new concept on women empowerment become an issue for international discussion at the level of other international organizations like African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR) and NGOs etc. WIDCO wishes through its discussion forum to generate discussions aimed at provoking of the current concept on women empowerment and to also provoke a policy reorientation for those organizations that are involved in activities related to women empowerment.

WIDCO envisages a situation in Cameroon during which women will be discussing civil society issues of political, economic, cultural and social impact on the table of competence rather than from the position of quota posts allocation that is wish now.

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