The Projects


WIDCO’s projects are being developed community by community in Cameroon (targeted communities) with the hope to eventually implement WIDCO’s visions and projects at the national level, with broad scale cooperation.

WIDCO’s objectives are directed by two main aspects of intervention:

  1. Philanthropic services to target specific communities
  2. Economic development and business promotion.

Philanthropic Goals

  • To create awareness in the community through organization of social and cultural groups under feminine leadership and to improve the leadership skills of women.
  • Collaborate with other associations to promote better health and social welfare.
  • Promote cooperative systems, legitimized through related legislation, with common initiatives to fight against poverty and foster gender equality.
  • Implement legally acceptable activities geared toward encouraging and supporting more participation of women in civil society.

Economic Goals

WIDCO has been pursuing its economic objectives – eliminating poverty through establishing markets and better inter- and intra-community development of its resources and sustainable sources of energy – by building its commercial infrastructure from the “ground-up,” based on the sociopolitical structure already in place and on a “pyramid” model.

 WIDCO has precisely detailed and organized its programs and operations according to this social structure, as a five-step phase of development based on the pyramid model: the village, sub-division, division, the province, and, finally, the national level.. [I don’t think it necessary yet to go into all the structural details and operations of these phases here; but it could definitely be added later as a separate “button” as the details seem more contractual than informational, at this point – should be included perhaps with the flow chart.] (As the editor suggests it is OK) General goals include:

  • Preparing budgets, bookkeeping, and annual reports for a cooperative society.
  • Technical Assistance concerning management and organizing.
  • Collecting products, promoting production of more produce, and developing markets
  • Acquiring assistance, information, and financial aid from other organizations.
  • Organize seminars to enhance use of modern farming and dissemination of goods.
  • Developing sources for micro-financing and the WIDCO Financial Investment Credit Cooperative Society LTD.
  • Application of cooperative laws in Cameroon.

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