Current Projects


  • General Community Education Project (GCE): Geared toward sensitizing the rural community to develop joint ventures in economic activities to create an atmosphere of shared information and consciousness about the community’s needs. Objectives include mobilizing assistance from publishing companies to help supply books and further resources.
  • Micro-Financing Investment Scheme: Various WIDCO affiliates are being mobilized to raise capital and have opened accounts in credit unions to assist economic development.
  • Management Information System (MIS) and Multimedia Information Centers: With assistance from the Canadian Executive Service (CESO) WIDCO has developed a Management Information System, WIDCO is beginning to establish incorporate an internet service with office accommodations and computer systems for various communities.
  • Agro-Promotion Project: Setting up a transport system where food can be ferried from farms to homes for storage and eventually for marketing.
  • Agro-Input Marketing: Thus far, more than 100 tons of fertilizer have been supplied to WIDCO members.
  • Forest and Environment: WIDCO is involved in a bio-fuel project with a German company for the purpose of planting stems of the Jatropha, a plant used in extracting combustible oil for lamps and locomotives.
  • Health: WIDCO is collecting information to fight against HIV/AIDS by promoting curative as well as preventative actions. It is working towards mobilizing assistance in acquiring free medication to infected persons.
  • Community Development and Rural Infrastructure: Since 2002, WIDCO has been engaged in building necessary roads from rural farmlands to community centers.
  • Commerce and Building Promotion: Promotion of joint venture economic activities between the members and affiliates of WIDCO.

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