Future Projects


  • Micro-Financing Operation Scheme
  • WIDCO Community Volunteer Scheme: The objective is to provide much-needed human resources to execute and help develop WIDCO’s programs and incentives.
  • Mass Computer Literacy Program: As the world grows into a global village, the objective here is to assist citizens in utilizing the internet and global communication technologies so they can more effectively contribute to their communities.
  • Food Collection and Evacuation Transport Program
  • Community Potable Water Project: To collect water from wells through manual and wind-operated pumps.
  • Management Capacity Development (i.e. training officials on the group management which includes skills on basic accounting and leadership)
  • Modern Farming and Honey Production
  • Mushroom Production

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As a business or institution, there are several ways that our organization can help you establish a presence in the countries we operate in, as well as helping to make a positive impact for women in those societies.

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