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WIDCO’s primary mission is to build and support grassroot organizations in Cameroon that Empower Women through Micro-Finance Schemes, Education & Training, Addressing Cultural practices & Women’s Rights, Leadership & Management Development, Community Development, and Politics & Human Rights.

What does WIDCO Do?

  • Sensitizes and creates awareness in the community.
  • Organizes economic, social and cultural groups with female leadership with the aim of improving the leadership skills of women.
  • Collaborates and undertakes activities with related associations and organizations created to promote better health and social welfare of the targeted community.
  • Support and intitiate Micro-Finance Schemes, Education and Training that address cultural practices & Women’s Rights.
  • Works with cooperative movements and existing legislation in Cameroon under a shared initiative to fight against poverty and for gender equality.
  • Undertakes all legally acceptable activities geared toward more active participation of women in civil society.



How Does WIDCO Help?

While the targeted community concerns women of Africa, the philosophy and objectives of WIDCO can benefit all people, all genders, on an international scale. If successful, gender balance will assist in balancing economic issues locally and internationally. WIDCO helps organizations build leadership and intellectual awareness and incorporates such actions as:

  • General Community Education (GCE)  programs
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Counseling and Human Rights Interventions
  • Community Development
  • Poverty Assistance
  • Sustainable Life and Welfare Enterprises

Contact WIDCO now and see how you can help or partner with us.

As a business or institution, there are several ways that our organization can help you establish a presence in the countries we operate in, as well as helping to make a positive impact for women in those societies.

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