How We Operate


Recognizing that poor education and poverty are the major problems common to all African communities, WIDCO operates on philosophical, organizational, and economic/pragmatic bases to assist.

WIDCO operates through a team of coordinators directed by the founder of the organization. The team works in the field in targeted communities and with the assistance of the traditional rulers and notable persons. It assembles both men and women for discussions to encourage action toward empowering the community’s female population. The purpose is not to create separate women’s groups, or to isolate women’s issues, but to include all the community in a joint effort, demonstrating and believing that involving women benefits the entire culture.

 The coordinating team orients the discussions to focus on:

  • Practices in the community that involve women.
  • The role and place of women in the home and community.
  • Problems of the community and society as a whole.

At the end of these discussions, participants are able to:

  • Identify major problems confronting the community and society.
  • Realize that problems are best addressed in diversely-populated groups.
  • Develop interested in becoming members of groups assigned to address specific problems and tasks to resolve them.
  • Realize the critical significance of micro-saving activities and strategies as a foundation for establishing micro-project loans and investment schemes.


Participants are encouraged to establish a WIDCO-motivated group (WIDCIG) for their community. When at least 40 persons have decided to join this branch organization, a board of seven directing officials is elected, consisting of four women and three men. Following the foundational philosophy of assisting in women’s empowerment women, the positions of president and treasurer are reserved only for women. 

After the formation of WIDCIG and a training period for its members, WIDCO’s activities are primarily of informational and economic assistance. WIDCO provides:

  • Budgeting for a cooperative organization.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Cooperative management adhering to basic cooperative principles.
  • Preparation of annual business plans and annual reports.
  • Functions of the board of directors and supervisory committees
  • Application of the Cameroon’s cooperative laws.
  • Collection and marketing of produce of WIDCIGs (affiliates)
  • Purchasing supplies for members.

WIDCO promotes the activities of WIDCIG much like a charity-pyramid. It provides training services and facilities through outreach programs to best build WIDCIG’s capacity to be effective and contribute productively to WIDCO’s objectives to eliminate problems of poverty and women’s isolation from effective community development.(This is what is intended to be managment capacity building activities)

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